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Weather Stripping Soundproofing Rubber Foam Tape

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Sponge Rubber Foam Tape

  • It is made from CR foam and Neoprene which is harmless to people and environment.
  • Strong adhesive backing, stick firmly, non-degumming, heavy-duty and bend easily to conform to shape.
  • Purchase Reminder: Differ from fowong low density foam tape which has large air holes and very easily to be compressed, this kind of high density foam tape is more stiff. Please choose according to your purpose.
  • Sealing up

    - Functions well when being used to sealing up. Waterproof material will help you block the creak and gap, stopper any crumbs coming in. You can use this foam tape on your kitchen washing basin, joints of the pipes and etc.

  • Anti-collision

    - Functions well when you need to transfer some breakable items, such as fruit, eggs and etc. You can use it on your car, truck or motorbike. Also the foam tape can be used in sports equipment for shock resistance and cushioning purpose.

  • Furniture protection

    - Apply it on furniture not only for shock-absorbing and skid proof, but also protect it from wearing out easily. Also prevent your baby getting hurt by the edge of the furniture.

  • Anti-slip

    - This high density foam tape works well for anti-skidding use. You can use it for almost everything that need to fix on somewhere,such as furniture,steps,toys, not only help them anti skidding, but also protect them from wearing up.

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