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Magic Screen Door Great for Kids Pets

Posted by chengeng on

This is one of my favorite Amazon purchases of all time! Every time we have people at the house they always ask for the link so they can get one too. We’ve had this screen for over 6 months and it’s held up beautifully even with constant use with 3 kids under 4, 2 dogs, and a cat- All can easily get in & out. And the screen is very easy to wipe off if they have food or something on their hands.

We have an out swing door, so this was a great solution not being able to have a traditional screen door because it drove me crazy how the kids would constantly leave the door open, letting flies and the like in. I also love the white color as it matches with our door frame.

We had tried a couple magnetic screen doors in the past, but they all looked terrible on our door frame and fell within a week— this one has held up without falling for 6 months even with just the adhesive (no tacks have been used yet).

Update after 6 months: screen was still going strong but we just bought a new one because one of my boys ripped a few holes across it with something sharp. Just put the new one up and had it up for a few weeks with no issues!


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