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How to Install

Fly screen door is often a great feature of the house and is often used to get from a family room to the backyard. People often want to leave a door open to allow natural light and fresh air in, but are forced to keep the doors closed as insects and pests can easily enter the house. Fowong magnetic fly screen doors are a great option for those who want fresh air and natural light without pests.

The door screen adds a windproof Velcro lock in the middle as well as in the bottom of the door curtain, with which the door curtain of the hanging screen is blown away by strong wind and prevented.


  • High density magnetic mesh door, never give annoying creatures a chance of access to your home. Escape the trouble!
  • Durable fibreglass high performance mesh fabric, longer service life, fire resistant, chemical corrosion resistance, good shape.
  • Save yourself countless times getting up to let the dogs out. Pets could come free and go as they like.
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