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Customer Questions & Answers

Question: Does this prevent someone looking in from outside?

Answer: Hi, thank you for your question. The door screen is made of screen mesh. Please kindly know that Magnet Screen allows fresh air and sunshine into your home as well as do not block your view outside.Therefore, people outside can also see inside.

Hope our answer will be helpful for you, any concerns further please contact our customer service directly, always here serving for you, thanks.


Question: Can this screen keep out small mosquitos? Is it only for larger bugs?

Answer: Hi, thank you for your question, please kindly know that our screen holes size are 17x15 mesh, It prevents insects of almost any size from entering your house.

Hope our answer will be helpful for you, any concerns further please contact our customer service directly, always here serving for you, thanks.


Question:How many different size do the garage screen come in ?

Answer: We have flexible sizes of magnetic screen door, and for 3 colors, gray, black and white. the garage screen door we will custom for you according to your input. thank you


Question:My patio door is 34 x 77 what size should I order.

Answer: Hi, please kindly know that we still have Gray Color 34 X 78 inch Magnetic Door Screen, which screen will be 36 X 79 inch (include door frame part) will be the closest one for you to choose,


Question: What happens in winter? Can it be taken down?

Answer: Hi, yes, please kindly know our Magnetic Door Screen can be taken down when off season. Because it is held in place by HOOK&LOOP, you can easily remove it at anytime you want.


Question: If cutting the bottom a couple of inches to fit how do I finish the edge off.

Answer: Hi, pls kindly know that we don't recommend you use the cutting way, you can use some clips to roll it up which is used for shorten its height.


Question: Will this damage my door frame in any way?

Answer: I installed this on a vinyl single french door leading to the patio and I was able to remove it easily. (I was having my backyard redone and removed the screen so it wasn't damaged by the workers bringing in their materials.) I live in a hot area and so the velcro adhesive did remain on the door trim, but a little WD-40 made it very easy to remove, without much effort. I reinstalled it easily with new Velcro when the work was done. Very, very pleased with this product.


Question: How is the bottom of the screen secured? My french double doors do not have a bottom part of the frame.

Answer: Hi, generally speaking, there is no need to secure the bottom of the screen if you want to comes in and out of the door freely.


Question: Is the "windproof hook and loop hasp" something that can be engaged when desired? I want to train my dog to go through screen when he likes.

Answer: the cat runs in and out all the time the screen closes on it own


Question: Can’t bugs crawl in on bottom where there is no velcro?

Answer: The bottom is weighted and stays put pretty well. When I installed, I also made sure the bottom overlaps a half inch or so (there’s a step down). I guess it’s possible a small bug could crawl in but I am much more concerned about keeping out flying bugs, and it does a good job with that.


Question: My door is 31”. Which size should I order?

Answer: You need to order the available size slightly larger than the door with of 31", like 32"? This is assuming that you are able to the vertical legs of the screen to the wall surface at the ordered width. Ensure that there are no obstructions that would prevent installation of the 32" width (or any other width). Ensure that the height will also work.


Question: What is the shelf life if only a little is used, i mean how long will it remain usable?
Answer: Hi, this type of foam tape is of strong adhesive. You‘d better pack and keep it in dry and cool place if you cannot consume it at a time. It's best to use up it in three month once open the package. Happy shopping with fowong.

Question: Does this foam have adhesive on both sides?
Answer: Hi, this type of foam tape is single side adhesive.

Question: I need 1 1/2" wide, what is method for reducing width? Can i unroll and lay flat then use sharp tool lengthwise cutting?
Answer: Hi, this foam tape is flexible and can be cut into length you need. If you need to trim the width, you'd better mark the width in line. Be careful when you use sharp blade. Happy shopping with fowong.

Question: I see it states that it is a soundproof foam weatherstripping, does it work well as soundproof, anyone knows?
Answer: Hi, this type of foam tape is made from high quality CR foam and neoprene, high density and firmer than common rubber seal, not very easy to be compressed. Therefore, it can form a tight seal around gaps and considerably reduce noise. If you want to do an all-round soundproofing project, please use this tape with other… see more

Question: Would this work as window light gap blocker? My roller blinds leave a light gap on white wall.
Answer: Hi, this high density foam tape is very helpful to block light. You need to measure the gap you need to seal to choose a right size. If you choose a size larger than you need, this may cause the door or window hard to close. Remember to clean and dry the surface before you apply the tape. Happy shopping with fowong.


Question: Is the paper protective film on the sticky side so we can unwind the roll, lay it flat and cut it lengthwise safely then peel off and apply?
Answer: Hi, this foam tape has release film on its back side to protect the adhesive. You can peel off the release film while applying and you can easily cut to the length you need with a scissors. Happy shoppping with fowong.

Question: Can you use this as temporary insulation for Winter and peel off in the Summer ?
Answer: Yes, of course. Don't worry about the temperature. It will form a good protection in winter and can stay for a so long time. Wait until the summer you take it off and clean up a bit somewhere you sticked, cuz our products have very little adhesive residue when you peel it off.

Question: Will this product melt of it gets too hot? I want to ise it on the bottom of my snake tank to keep the heat pad off of the glass.
Answer: Hi, this weatherproof foam tape can stand high-low temperature without deform or melt down. You can use it exposing to outside weather for a long term. If you want to apply it on heavy object, we recommend you choose thick size tape for better anti-vibration and insulation effect. Happy shopping with fowong.

Question: Need to block gap around the door, it states "foam weatherstripping", anyone using this foam tape can tell me if it is difficult to close the door?
Answer: Hi, fowong Sponge Rubber Foam Tape is made from high density CR foam and Neoprene. It’s more dense and firmer than normal EDPM rubber foam seal. The foam seal strip can't be compressed flat easily. Please measure the gap you need to seal. If you have a small door gap, please choose our thin size foam tape accordingly. … see more

Question: Can one of you handyman esp. pro with sealing explain which type is ideal for which things?
Answer: Hi, this type of foam weather stripping is versatile. The foam insulation tape can be used as door seal strip or window sealing tape. There are also some cases applying this weatherstrip on application gaps and so on. Such as size 1/2" W X 1/4" T, most buyers would use it on doors or windows' gap. It's high density and… see more

Question: the white foam looks great, will the tape give off any smell?
Answer: Hi, this is fowong customer service. The weather strip is made from no harm neoprene foam and it’s normal to have some foam smell when first open the package. If you are sensitive to it, please leave the tape in ventilated places till the smell gone. Feel free to contact us if you have more problem. Happy shopping with fowong.

Question: Does it leave a sticky residue after removed?.i want to seal the windows but remove after the winter
Answer: I have never removed it.


Question: How does this perform when exposed to weather? I’m thinking of using it to seal some gaps I have on a door that is 100% exposed to sun and rain.
Answer: fowong Sponge Rubber Foam Tape is made from high density CR foam and Neoprene. It’s more dense and firmer than normal EDPM rubber foam seal, good for weatherproof and have a longer service life. Please note to clean the surface for better adhesion. If you have more problem, feel free to contact us. Happy shopping with fowong.


Question: workplace, which the better one to use in a workplace for noise issue? I'd like to seal three horizontal sliding windows and a door
Answer: Hi, friend. Can use in workplaces and sliding windows&doors. High density, so small air holes. Can be well with reduce sounds. Please measure the width and length before ordering for making sure it is fit to your windows and doors.

Question: Is there a strong smell? I wanted to use this as window light gap blocker in kids room.
Answer: No. I didn’t smell anything.

Question: Where can i get white neoprene tape 1" wide by 1/4" thick?
Answer: Hi, 1" by 1/4" size is not available, but you may consider similar size: 1" wide by 1/8" thick and 2" wide by 1/4" thick. This type of foam tape is of low compression rate. It's better to choose a size close to the gap measurement. If you want to seal gaps around windows and doors, we suggest to choose a size slightly … see more

Question: What kind of weather installation can I use for a window that I'm keeping my air conditioner in
Answer: Hi, this type of weather seal is of high density and not easy to be compressed. If you want to use it to seal around an air conditioner, please measure the gaps you need to seal. Thick size foam tape works better as for shock absorbtion. If you have more problems, please contact fowong customer service. Happy shopping … see more


Question: Is this product paintable? I am looking to use it for a different purpose than it was intended.
Answer: I would say no, it would crack if painted because it’s flexible...squishy

Question: What size should I get to seal the front door of an apartment? Thanks.
Answer: Hi, this type of door seal strip is of high density and not easy to be compressed. Most customer would choose size 1/2*1/4 or 1/4*1/8 to seal door gaps. It depends on the size of your door gap. Please measure the gaps you need to seal. Wrong size foam tape may cause the door hard to close. If you have more problems, pl… see more

Question: how about the adhesive for this foam tape, is it strong? will it drop paints when need to replace...
Answer: Hi, there, the upgrade grid adhesive backing of this foam tape is strong and not easy to lose adhesion. If you want to replace the foam tape after a long-term use, please be careful and gently remove the weather stripping. If you pull out the sealing tape out of blue, it's hard to avoid taking off some creaky old paint… see more

Question: Can I use this to hold door alarms in place?
Answer: It depends. This type of foam tape is of strong adhesive but it's single side. I guess you may need a double side adhesive foam tape to hold a door alarm. Happy shopping with fowong.