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Custom Magnetic Screen Door

Posted by chengeng on

Pleasantly surprised at how good it looks! Easy to install. Magnets work great.

I'm so happy I bought this screen. It was such an easy solution for keeping the bugs out and my cat in on days we wish to keep the back door open.

The installation was a breeze (we only had to use the velcro), but it comes with backup thumbtacks for extra reinforcement. And the magnets are strong. They automatically catch each other after you've passed through the screen, you don't need to close it behind you.

This is the only white screen I've found on Amazon that didn't have the weird lines down it- this looks way better in my opinion. The only downfall of this screen is that it doesn't seal at the bottom, so crawly bugs could still potentially sneak their way in.

So be aware of that when installing it and get the screen as close to the ground as you can.


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