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Reviews about the fowong Door Weather Stripping

Posted by chengeng on


Wide enough for my metal door

My condo walls here are thick acoustic damping concrete. Almost zero noise going into the next door unit. The doors to hallway are another story. 1 Inch tape is wide enough to seal around the metal door. Tips for other buyers, if you are afraid of cannot apply the tape 100% straight and paralleling with the door linder, you can cut the long tape into several segments to apply. This can also help you to avoid applying on the wrong place and re-do you job which may cause the tape no adhesion. The adhesive backing is neat and quality. I follow what the seller told to clean and dry the surface and press hard to seal tight. The result turns out to be great, opening and closing the door is not affected, so the thickness was right for me. I think it's the density helps because right after it seem to make a difference reducing noise. Thanks!


 Great for protecting car doors against a wall

My garage is fairly tight when all the cars are parked inside. My car door inevitably hits the drywall and it was driving me crazy. I looked for a solution and found it with this product. Easy to install. Sticks to the rough plaster finish on the garage wall. It works perfectly! Love it. I no longer bang my door into the wall. It hits the soft material and makes parking much more enjoyable.


Perfect to Seal draughts


The huge door gaps are really a big challenge to my energy bill. I’ve tried many ways to seal my apartment door. Before this, I used D rubber strip. But my children like to run into house and slam the door quite hard; also, my dog won’t give a break to the rubber strip. It fell apart within a week. I ran into this foam tape and think to have a try. It works! It’s denser and sticks very well to the surface. I think it can stand door slams and the color is a good match to my white apartment door. My dog finally doesn’t notice the door seal’s existence. Probably, it also helps to reduce some noise because the footstep noise from the stairwell can barely be heard. To be noted, it’s firmer than I imagine. Luckily, I did my homework and measure the door gap before purchase and the 1/2 tape forms a snug fit. The price is also reasonable. I’m very pleased. Definitely recommend!


Exactly what I needed


I was installing a vanity but because of the contour of the wall was faced with a 1/2 inch gap between the white vanity and the wall.
This product has a smooth non-porous surface (unlike many other foam strips) and filled that gap nicely. I read reviews that complained about the adhesive of this product but it did meet my expectations. I stuck well enough to the vanity during the installation and since it is being pushed against the wall will certainly not fall off.

Just be sure that your gap does not exceed 1/2 inch. Before removing the (thin) paper tape to reveal the adhesive the product is exactly 1/2 inch thick.


Great product

Just ordered it when I saw so many positive comments. It actually works very well. Doesn't disappoint me. I want to use it to protect my camera equipment-- It's too expensive, and if breaks down, I can't afford to buy it again. Can't imagine. Put the white foam on the bottom of my camera, which has a high density and is not easy to compress. Makes me feel relived. Although I still need to use it carefully, I am happy that the camera equipment has a protective film.



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