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the Role of Door Curtains

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          Health needs
      As a door curtain, it can block mosquitoes, insects, noise and dust.

   Confidentiality and Privacy.

  As a family, no one wants to be seen by others. As a result, different indoor areas have different standards for the degree of concern for privacy. The living room is a public activity area for family members, and the requirements for privacy are relatively low. The curtains of most family living rooms are drawn together, and in most cases, the curtains of the living room are decorated. Moreover, people have high requirements for privacy in bedrooms, bathrooms and other places, so the importance of door curtains is particularly prominent. Therefore, the choice of curtains will vary from region to region. We can choose thicker fabrics for the living room, and thicker fabrics for the bedroom.

   Decoration Wall

   For many ordinary families, the curtain is the biggest decoration on the wall. Especially for some "four-white floor" simple decoration people, except for a few picture frames, there may be curtains left on the wall. Therefore, whether the curtain is beautiful or not often plays a decisive role. Similarly, for a hard-covered home, a proper curtain will also make the home more beautiful and more individual. Run out.

  In fact, the principle of protecting privacy is still handled in terms of blocking light. Here, the use of light refers to the issue of how to effectively use light while protecting privacy. For example, in the bedroom on the ground floor, everyone doesn't like to walk around, they can see every move in the room. But pulling thick curtains for a long time will affect natural lighting. As a result, a light gauze curtain similar to a gauze curtain came into being.


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