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What is magnetic door curtain?

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  With the improvement of people's living standards, the requirements for the quality of life in the home environment are getting higher and higher. At present, many consumers are more inclined to install magnetic door curtains in home decoration.


  1. What is a magnetic door curtain

  The magnetic door curtain has a novel appearance, good sealing, easy to use, environmentally friendly, and easy to clean. Compared with traditional door curtains, magnetic door curtains are not easy to deform, avoiding the special features such as lax closing. At the same time, magnetic door curtains can be folded and stored, and it is also convenient to install.

2. Automatically close

Compared with ordinary door curtains, the magnetic screen curtain is characterized in that the magnetic door curtain will automatically close every time a person passes by, unlike ordinary door curtains that need to be opened by hand. Magnetic door curtains have a good anti-mosquito effect. Installed in the bedroom, you can sleep comfortably. Especially for families with babies, installing a magnetic door curtain is very good. There is also an air-conditioning magnetic door curtain designed for air-conditioning rooms on the market, which is made of high-quality EVA material. When  air conditioner magnetic door curtain is closed, it can effectively ensure that the indoor temperature will not be affected, and the air conditioner magnetic door curtain has various varieties and colors. It can also be an interior decoration.



3 High-quality fiber material magnetic door screen

The magnetic curtain also has a soft magnetic soft screen door, which is made of high-quality glassfiber materials as raw materials, which is not easy to wrinkle, not easy to shrink up, and not easy to deform. This kind of magnetic door curtain has fine workmanship, more reliable quality, bright and firm colors, it is not easy to fall off without being exposed to direct sunlight for a long time, and can be used for several years.


  1. Invisible magnetic screen

There is also an invisible door curtain within the magnetic door curtain. The color of this magnetic door curtain is closer to the door frame in terms of material selection. The screen door is transparent and the screen door is highly sealed, which can effectively block the path of mosquitoes and is invisible. The magnetic door curtain is suitable for you who do not want to affect the overall decoration style of your home.

  1. Excellent magnetic door curtain

The magnetic door curtain made of excellent weaving has many advantages, such as non-toxic and harmless, so families with babies must not miss it. The magnetic curtain is non-toxic and harmless. There is no need to worry about safety accidents caused by baby’s mischievous contact. Magnetic door curtains can also prevent mosquitoes and reduce the use of household insecticides or mosquito coils. There are many benefits for the growth and development of babies and the health of adults. Installation The bedroom couldn't be better.


The above is introduction about  magnetic door curtains. I believe everyone has a certain understanding of what a magnetic door curtain is. If you like it, please continue to pay attention to more news about Fowong magnetic custom curtains. Thanks for reading and sharing.


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