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Fowong Custom Magnetic Screen Door -Large

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How to place the customized order?
1. Choose the width and height range of the door screen you want.
2. Enter the width and height info of the french door screen.
3. Write the needed QTY at last.


1.Please meaure the size you enter is door  frame , we will customize according to the size you input .

2.Check your size and compare it to our size chart, manual measurement may lead to (0.4-0.6)inch errors

About Customization:
1. We provide private customized door screen ,so you can customize any size your want.

2. Customized screens need to be delivered within 7-20 days.

 Fowong Magnetic Screen Door with Heavy Duty Mesh Curtain and Full Frame Hook&Loop, Hands Free, Pet and Kid Friendly


  • Hands free, pet & Kid friendly, Fowong magnetic screen door provides you with a comfortable environment.Fits single doors, sliding doors, RV’s and more
  • It is lightweight enough for children and small pets to go inside and outside of the house freely. The magnets seal the gap together quickly, so you don't need to help your pets to close the door.
  • The fiberglass mesh use high-density material,Durable, easy to clean. Let fresh air in and make pesky flying objects not enter the house. 
  • UNIQUE WIND PROTECTION DESIGN-Sewed in strong magnetic points make the screen door mesh curtain close much quicker and more silent. Avoid the cheap nylon mesh screen doors, we added gravity sticks at the bottom to make sure the screen curtain do not being blown open by wind.

  •  DURABLE & DETACHABLE: The unique reinforcement line design protects the top of screen snap door from tearing for longer life. Fowong magnetic screen door use full frame hook&loop which paste more firmly than small strips and you can remove the mesh curtain anytime.

  • Flyscreen Doors saves you money: because you can leave those doors open and you won’t have to use air conditioning Fowongscreen door is made from durable fiberglass material which can withstand thousands of going through. 

  •  EASY TO INSTALL IN FEW MINUTES: No tools are required. Package includes: Screen door, a roll of hook&loop, and a pack of push pins. Clean door frame surface firstly to ensure long lasting. Then attach the screen mesh to the door frame with the nylon sticker. And push pins to secure the screen into its place much more stable.

No more claw marks on your expensive screen door! The magnetic screen door opens easily with just a nudge of a head or hand. The screen door’s middle seam is lined with powerful magnets that allow it to close seamlessly behind you like magic!

Screen doors are a brilliant way to allow airflow while minimizing the presence of flying insects in your home. The problem with the traditional screen door is that you have to open it! Dog wants out? Get up and open it. Plate full of barbecued ribs? Better have a free hand to open it. Little Timmy seems to be running rather fast at the screen, does he see it? No, he didn’t see it and he ran right into, or worse, right through it!

All of these issues are solved with the Smart magnetic screen door, because of it’s magnetic closure. You don’t need a free hand, you can just walk right through and the magnetic seam will seal up behind you. Same for your dog!


1.Measure your door first, choose the size that fits your door. Don’t buy the one which is smaller than your door.

2.Please make sure the center of the top mesh slightly higher than two sides. It is better to hang screen to the floor. Don’t let too much screen put on the floor, it will impact the effect of closing.

Tips For Opening A DIY Magnetic Screen Door

  • The screen mesh is folded within the bagged packaging. Please be careful when you’re opening the packaging, not to use scissors or a sharp tool which might damage the mesh
  • This mesh is not easy to break, and does not leave any crease marks.

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Custom product delivery time 25-35 business days.


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